Looking to the future

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I have been working with Katy of Bowker House Photography on a project for a few months now and some of my fabric has finally arrived!

This is not all of the fabric mind you, but it is some and I am excited!

Stay tuned for sneak peeks and the eventual unveiling of our awesome project!


Starting a Rehearsal Dress

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This begins the making of my rehearsal dress for my brother in law’s spring wedding.

I would like to start with pointing out something that had me very confused. When photographed, the fabric for the body of my dress appears silver. I did some early morning trial photos and was so confused. I thought my camera was somehow on black and white mode. After confirming that it was not, I was faced with the realization that the fabric photographs silver instead of the green that it is.

I decided that since I look good in silver, that it will still look green to the naked eye, but mostly because I did not want to buy MORE fabric, I would use the dark mint/silver fabric.

I lengthened both the bodice pieces and the skirt pieces. I have a long torso and most bodices need to be lengthened to accommodate it. The skirt I decided to lengthen because the slit hit too high for my comfort. I swear dresses today are not made with long body, large bootied women in mind! 😉

There were a great number of pieces to cut out. Fabric, lining, underlining, interfacing. Marking dots, boning, squares for the capelet (which I have been referring to as wings).

Looking forward to assembling this, and hoping that it is not as complicated as the Advanced Vogue pattern claims to be.