Altering Pants – because you always wanted that one pair to fit better

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Hello all!

I recently did my first pant alteration, and it was much simpler than I thought!

First thing I did was put the pants on inside out and pinned the sides on the side seam so they would fit to my body.

Then I sewed what was essentially a dart on each side where I had pinned. Make sure that you have any waist band seems matched and that you stay on those side seams so the alterations look natural.

And that’s it! It really is that simple!


Done Dresses

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I wanted to show you the final versions of the rehearsal and wedding guest dresses that I have been busting my butt on for the last few months!


My rehearsal dress at the rehearsal


Wedding guest at the reception (with my mother in law)

Looking forward to a bit of a break between projects!

Quick alteration

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I have spent all this time, a few months to be exact, working and reworking my dress for my brother-in-law’s rehearsal and I finally took a few moments to take in the dress I am wearing to the wedding!

Here’s how that went.


I know it is hard to tell that there is any difference at all in the dress, but I assure you the bodice is tighter now.

All I did was pop the stitching on the lining side hem and pull the outer fabric in a full inch. Stitched that up then re-hemmed the lining.

A super simple fix. If it is not something overly complicated (like my wedding dress) I will do alterations like this myself. Not need to pay a seamstress a ton of money to do something simple.

Ta Da! Rehearsal Dress Completion

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Let’s get down to business …

First, I removed the offending wings, and bought some lovely black lace. I thought ahead, knowing that lace is a pain to hem, and that it makes unsightly seams, so I got scalloped lace! No hemming required!

Next, I dug through my patterns. I was on the phone with my mother trying to figure out how to make this work when I stumbled across the perfect pattern (McCalls 2401)

It was perfect!

Of course my luck could not be that good. I claimed the only Casa Black Lace with scalloped edges in the whole store, which amounted to only a yard and 15 inches but I needed 2 yards to make this work. I was convinced that I would have to call a different store the next morning to see if they have any more so I could make the sleeves to complete the dress. This phone call was going to determine if I would be able to complete and wear this dress to my brother-in-law’s wedding rehearsal May 16th or if it will have to wait until my cousin’s wedding in October for its debut.

I am happy to report that I had just enough to make elbow length sleeves!

Originally, I had wanted the sleeves to be full length, hence the need for more fabric. I was able to finagle elbow length sleeves, and in all honesty, I think this length looks far better on the dress than the full length would have.

After sewing the sleeves on to the lace dress, I played around with it to make sure that I had it how I wanted it. In the end I stayed the course and kept the over dress as originally designed.

The last picture is the completed dress. I hope to post pictures of me from the rehearsal soon.