Weekly Pregnancy Tracker

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I am sure you have seen the weekly pregnancy tracker boards all over Pinterest. There are days I wish I had never heard of Pinterest. But with this being our first pregnancy and family being so far away, I wanted a cute, simple way to keep them all involved, hence the Pinterest search.

So back in August, I went to and started researching. After finding what I would need for my project, I headed out to the Michael’s by our house with my 40% off coupon.

I found a 32″ x 37″ framed chalkboard – the perfect size, as it is large enough to be seen clearly in a photograph. I found the chalk paints I wanted and letter stencils. Boom! I brought it all home and got started!

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Little Girl’s Dress from Daddy’s Shirt

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If you are on Pinterest I am sure you have seen this adorable up-cycle:

I do not have a little girl yet but I love the idea of this project, and I have inherited a few of my husband’s old button downs and have been dying to do something with them.

Now, as I do not have a wee one’s dress to use as a pattern, I am pretty much winging it here.

Remember to BE CAREFUL when removing the pocket because you can put a hole in the shirt (like I did).

I drew out the silhouette of the dress then pinned on the inside of the line and cut along the lines I had drawn.

With right sides of the little dress together, pin the sides, remember to leave the openings for the arms and the neck.

After sewing up the edges I discovered that I had not made the arms wide enough.

My solution: made the dress sleeveless.

I dug thru my patterns and found the front piece to a toddlers bubble onesie.

I laid the pattern on the dress and traced the arm and should edges with my white fabric pencil. Then I cut along those lines.

To finish the neck and arm hole edges, I grabbed white single fold bias tape and ironed it open, then in half. I pinned this to the edges on the arms and neck – right sides together.

I sewed the bias tape on and then finished it by hand.

Now I have a very cute summer dress for my future little girl 🙂

Baby Girl Bubble Onesie

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I have been on a baby clothes kick recently. While my husband and I currently do not have any kids, I still love making these little outfits!

This project was a simple one, and a great use of left over fabric from a seersucker sundress that I made for myself recently.

This project used snap tape, which I have actually never used before.

There was a lot of handwork for this outfit. The bias tape on the neck and arms needed to be hand sewn, and the elastic for the legs needed to be threaded by hand.



All in all, this is a cute simple outfit for a summers day.

Last night’s projects

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Last weekend, I, driven by my fiance, cleaned up, organized, and packed up most of my sewing stuff. It had grown to epic proportions. Meaning that, all my ‘project bags’ were essentially overwhelming the apartment. I am also trying to bring everything under control because I am moving in a few months. SO we managed to get all my fabric into a huge black tub. Granted, it had to be duct taped closed, but it did close 🙂 During this multi hour process, we found many half-finished projects. I made a pile of them to be finished over the weekends that I am here alone.

Of these half-finished projects, I cranked out four last night.

  • Toddler Fleece Winter Hat
  • Cotton Baby Mitts
  • Cotton Diaper Cover
  • Seat Belt Wrap

The fleece winter hat is for my godson. I had started this project two winters ago when I found out his mother was pregnant with him. I had been working on two other projects for my fiance’s niece at the time and just got sewed out. The fleece hat is a pastel green with manly little pom-pom balls.

Craft Projects May 10th 2013 002

The cotton baby mitts – the kind that you put on to keep the baby from scratching themself  – was also started for my godson (who is 13 months old now). This has become a baby gift for his on-the-way baby brother. As is the matching cotton diaper cover. The fabric is a cute pastel blue with a nautical motif.

Craft Projects May 10th 2013 003Craft Projects May 10th 2013 005

The Seat Belt Wrap has been an idea of mine for YEARS! I have sensitive skin, I can’t wear wool because it is very itchy and my skin breaks out into a rash – not fun. Seat belts touching bare skin, as tends to happen in the summer when one wears a tank top, is a very unpleasant experience for me as it has similar results. I measured my seat belt width against that of my omnipresent cell phone and made an on the fly chic seat belt wrap with leftover fabric from the tea towel project of last month.

Craft Projects May 10th 2013 004

Tea Towel project to come.