Dressed for Tea

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Over my hiatus, I had the urge to make a lovely dress. It looks like something that one would wear to tea or to a fall wedding.

You all remember this teal and black lace fabric from my wedding guest gown post back in October? Well, it was originally purchased for this project.

The dress design was simple, fun circle skirt and a sleeveless, high neck bodice.  I pinned the pieces to my dressmaker’s form, Evan, to get the visual idea of where the dress was going. I even accessorized with one of my big black belts to get a visual of where the dress could go.

First thing I did was assemble the bodice. I used the excess teal from the edges of the fabric to make binding for the neck and arm holes.

Then, I assembled the skirt panels. There are only two pieces to the skirt so it was an easy assembly. I also wanted to add the accent fabric to the bottom hem of the skirt, but after laying it all out and pinning it in place, I decided that it would look cleaner if I just did a simple hem.

This dress has a zipper up the back, so after attaching the bodice piece to the skirt I cut the back of the skirt to accommodate the zipper. After putting in the zipper I hemmed the shirt and voila!

It was a simple dress to assemble but makes quite an impression.


One thought on “Dressed for Tea

    qplourde said:
    February 27, 2016 at 11:46 pm

    Wow, this dress looks amazing! Very professional and I really like the lace with the teal. I love the shape of it too, great work!


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