Gray Lady Apron

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I have been wanting to make myself an apron for years. I was so excited when I was finally able to get around to making myself one!

I used a lovely gray patterned calico cotton fabric. My original intentions were to line the apron in the yellow binding seen in the picture. As you will see, things did not go that way.


I started off just diving in, thinking I knew exactly how it was going to turn out. I had an idea in my head and hey, its an apron! how hard can it be to make one? I have made Elizabethan and Tudor gowns for Pete sake!

But I dove in anyway. My original idea was to make the apron like a 50’s tea dress. You know, totally my style. I figured making the front half of the dress for the apron would work just fine. Boy, was I wrong!

I started by cutting out the waist band and top, even lining it. I put the halter strap in and it was looking good! I also attached the waist ties at this time.

So I kept plugging along. I wanted a pocket for my apron. I love how yellow and gray look together so I made a large yellow pocket.

I then cut out the skirt and attached the pocket. Then attached the skirt to the bodice. Whew, I was done! At least that was until I tried it on …

There are no pictures of this version of the apron on me because I was rather upset with the whole thing and I walked away from it for several weeks. The neckline gaped because it was somehow too big and the skirt didn’t cover the sides of my hips because it was too small, it really was not a pretty site.

I find walking away from projects often gives me a clearer head when I feel ready to return to them. In the case of this apron project, I regrouped and came back with a different approach to the same vision.

A sweetheart neckline would get rid of the halter neck gaping and a gathered skirt would help with the hip issue. I also made wider waist ties.

Next was the skirt. That I totally made up. All it ended up being was a rectangle of fabric hemmed and gathered at the bodice. And, of course, I had to add the yellow pocket!

Apron 2.0 is completed! Bring on the flour!


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