Don’t Even Blink!

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Weeping Angels.

If you are a Whovian, those words strike fear into your heart and cause you to start holding your eyes open while quoting David Tennant.

My MOH and I have the tradition of the Christmas TARDIS. It is a TARDIS shoe box that contains small gifts that we send back and forth each Christmas. This year it was our turn to send the Christmas TARDIS to her. I wanted to do something fun and crafty so I made her a set of Weeping Angels.

I started with a few sacrificial Barbie dolls, a drawer of feathers, a cereal box, a wing pattern and a ton of hot glue!

First, I made sure that the wings were proportionate to the soon-to-be Weeping Angel Barbie. Then, I cut out the pattern and traced it onto my cardboard cereal box. Cut that out and I have my wing base.

I next laid out my wing base and all my feathers. The feather color really doesn’t matter because they are going to be spray painted later anyway. I went for texture when picking my feathers. Start at the bottom of the wings and layer up, it looks more natural that way.

I have never seen a Weeping Angel with a long ponytail, have you? I needed to cut Barbie’s hair. This went against everything my mother told me growing up, but she had to look the part, so, snip-snip. After cutting the hair, I glued the bun in place to make sure the ponytail didn’t come undone.

Next came re-angling the arms. Since these were the clearance bin Barbies, they did not come with bendable arms, which meant that I had to cut the arms off and then glue them on how I wanted them. This was a little traumatic for me. I kept thinking of Toy Story and what a horrible person I was to be cutting Barbie’s arms off at the elbows. I might have even closed my eyes and muttered “I’m sorry” over and over while I did it. Hey, I’m sensitive, okay? I reattached the arms so she was in the traditional Weeping Angel face hiding position.

I took a break from Weeping Angel Barbie to make the stands. These were super simple: wooden dowel, base, hot glue. Make sure that the dowel stops at Barbie’s butt so that the wings can be attached later.

Four Weeping Angel Barbies ready for their stands.

I twist tied the Barbies to the stands while gluing them in place. It helped add extra support and stability while I was gluing. The attach points were the butt, back of the calves, and feet.

I did two arm poses for these angels: Hiding and Reaching. They were drying on our dinning room buffet when my husband came home and I was quickly informed just how creepy they were. 😀

Next was adding the robes. I had a few types of fabric that I tried, but this crinkly cotton looked the best after spray painting. I folded the long strip of fabric in half and cut a slit in the middle for Barbie’s head. Then I used kitchen twine to tie the fabric closed at the waist.

After the robe was finished, I squirted it with a 50/50 water-elmers glue mixture to weight down the fabric a tad and give it a bit of stability.

After the water/glue mixture had dried, I  did a base coat of the gray spray paint on the body.

Next step: Hot glue the finished wings to the spray painted angels.

Be sure to get everything coated with the spray paint. As you can see in a few pictures the yellow of the feathers is viable thru the first layer of paint.  Let them all dry and do a second coat. In one case I had to do a third coat a few days later.

And there you have it! From Water Play Barbie to a thing of nightmares 🙂



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