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I am sure you have seen the weekly pregnancy tracker boards all over Pinterest. There are days I wish I had never heard of Pinterest. But with this being our first pregnancy and family being so far away, I wanted a cute, simple way to keep them all involved, hence the Pinterest search.

So back in August, I went to Michaels.com and started researching. After finding what I would need for my project, I headed out to the Michael’s by our house with my 40% off coupon.

I found a 32″ x 37″ framed chalkboard – the perfect size, as it is large enough to be seen clearly in a photograph. I found the chalk paints I wanted and letter stencils. Boom! I brought it all home and got started!

First, I measured out where I wanted the section lines to be. I had drawn out the design I was looking for on my computer prior so I started there.

Next up, adding the Martha Stewart white chalk paint. At first, I thought this was going to be really easy, just dab it on. I dabbed, and swiped, and was glad I was only doing the lines in white! It was too runny to use for the fine work needed to do the stenciling. I also had to let it sit and dry. Only a problem because I was antsy to get moving.

**Remember to season your new chalkboard before starting any project!**

If you need to know how click here. I actually forgot to so should I ever want to use this for another project down the road who knows what I will have on my hands!

My next step was to measure out and mark, with regular chalk, where the section letters needed to go. I did have to do some on the fly adjusting to the words as I didn’t have the space I thought I would.

I carried on stenciling while on the phone with my mother. Surprise mom!

Next up the header: Baby Sobo. I printed out the letters B a b y S o b o  using our printer. I will admit, I have never wanted my own die cut press more than I did in that moment sitting on the floor cutting out all the letters. I was also very happy that our baby’s last name only has 4 letters in it! I was totally grateful it was only 8 letters instead of the 17 it would have been if the baby’s had my last name! I started taping them to the chalkboard.

Well, would you look at that! I am so happy with how it turned out 🙂

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