One Last Change for the Formal Black Gown

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Alright so I’ll admit, I thought I was done with the black formal gown too. Turns out I wasn’t.

After completing the gown for the black tie affair, I moved on to a few other projects (which you will see in the coming weeks). One was a lovely teal and black lace tea gown. This fabric served as my inspiration for one last change to the gown. Who wouldn’t be inspired by this fabric?!

I first thought I would make a shrug from it for the black gown, but then I took it one thought further – a two tone dress. I have a black and purple dress that I love, why not do something similar with this one?

I dressed Evan in the black gown and then pinned the top of the other dress I was in the middle of working on over it, and got this visual:

I must admit, it added the visual interest that I think the dress was missing before.

I was just tickled with excitement about this idea! I got right to work taking apart the black gown once again. This time I decided that I would put a zipper in the side hem to close the gown. The teal and black lace does not have as much stretch as the black fabric and I have decided to go with a high back instead of anything low or open. Once the bodice was attached. I started in on the side zipper. I am getting much better with the invisible zippers!

I sewed all the hems by hand. This is something that I enjoy doing. It is peaceful. With all that done, I hunted for jewelry to accessorize with and found my long pearl necklace. I love pearls, I think they are just so classic. So I will be donning pearls with this outfit for the wedding tomorrow. I am so excited!


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