Formal Black Gown Revamp!

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Hello Everyone!

I am so happy to be back after my – much needed – hiatus.

As promised, I have finished the black gown for my husband’s cousin’s wedding, which is actually taking place in two weeks!

First thing I did was take the dress apart, separating the top from the skirt. I then marked the skirt to remove the train, and cut it off.

Next, I worked on making the skirt a little more A-line than mermaid. I have hips, but not Kim Kardashian hips, so the extra fabric was just making for an ill-fitting dress. So I put the skirt on inside out and pinned the sides to the fit I wanted and marked for a new seam.

With those adjustments made, I slipped the skirt on, and it fit like a glove! Next, I moved on to the top. As you might remember I had a seriously open back on the dress to start. I decided to alter that back. Instead of the deep scoop back I now have a cross-over V back for the dress. It solves my bra-band dilemma and gives more stability to the gown top.

I sewed the top to the skirt and tried it on. I think I am rather happy with how it turned out. It is a simple, but classy black gown that I look forward to wearing to the wedding.


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