Month: September 2015

Formal Black Gown Revamp!

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Hello Everyone!

I am so happy to be back after my – much needed – hiatus.

As promised, I have finished the black gown for my husband’s cousin’s wedding, which is actually taking place in two weeks!

First thing I did was take the dress apart, separating the top from the skirt. I then marked the skirt to remove the train, and cut it off.

Next, I worked on making the skirt a little more A-line than mermaid. I have hips, but not Kim Kardashian hips, so the extra fabric was just making for an ill-fitting dress. So I put the skirt on inside out and pinned the sides to the fit I wanted and marked for a new seam.

With those adjustments made, I slipped the skirt on, and it fit like a glove! Next, I moved on to the top. As you might remember I had a seriously open back on the dress to start. I decided to alter that back. Instead of the deep scoop back I now have a cross-over V back for the dress. It solves my bra-band dilemma and gives more stability to the gown top.

I sewed the top to the skirt and tried it on. I think I am rather happy with how it turned out. It is a simple, but classy black gown that I look forward to wearing to the wedding.


Note from The Exalted Tailor

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Hello everyone!

I am so excited to be back and posting projects again.

I just wanted to post this little note to let you know about some of the changes we have put in place.

We will be posting projects every other week, instead of every Friday.

We are also looking for a guest to post about their own projects every other month, so please let us know if you are interested in doing a guest piece!

So happy to be back!

Happy sewing!

The Exalted Tailor Team