Formal Black Gown

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McCall’s started making these awesome “Create your own design” patterns. I have been waiting for an excuses to make this dress. Another October family wedding seems to be a fantastic reason in my mind 🙂

I went with Mood Fabrics again. This time a simple black medium-weight cotton Jersey fabric with a bit of stretch to it.

The pattern is a simple one. The trick with this pattern is that every single piece needs to be cut on a fold, making for an interesting pattern laying session.

It went quickly and soon everything was cut out.

Next, was assembly. The dress went together quickly, which was a nice change from the projects I have been doing. As the top went together I laid it out on the dress form, it looked a bit baggy.

Next up was the skirt. Simple two piece mermaid skirt with a bit of a train.

I was starting to notice a problem with the pieces. While I did follow the pattern sizing measurements, the dress was appearing to be too big on my dress form. After trying it on myself, well I was not thrilled with how it looked. It looked big and baggy on me as well as on the dress form. It felt like a high school choir uniform to me. My husband compared to the cowl to his Masters Hood. Yeah … So I removed the cowl, giving the dress more of a scoop/boat neckline. Much more flattering on me.

After a bit of altering, I tried it on again. It was better, but I still wasn’t “in love” with it. It puckers around my hips in the most unflattering way.

While I love dresses with trains, this one was going to be impractical for a wedding. I like to dance, and I don’t need people stepping on my dress. My husband has a terrible knack for stepping on my dresses even when they don’t have a train. So that has to be trimmed back.

I am sure you noticed that the back is open pretty low. If you noticed that, I am sure you noticed that if I wear a regular bra it is visible. So I need to come up with a solution for that as well.

Check back to see how the dress comes out!


One thought on “Formal Black Gown

    Amanda said:
    July 19, 2015 at 7:21 am

    I think it is going to be beautiful!! Can’t wait to see it! I always love the idea of a cowl, but think I would feel the same when I had sewn it!!


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