Summer Sundress

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Last summer I made a sundress. I love that sundress so much that I have decided to make a second one.

The pink and orange checkered seersucker dress I made last summer right about the time we moved into our townhouse. It has been the most comfortable dress and I find myself wearing it around the house quite a bit. Because it is such a perfect dress, I decided to make another one.

This time I used a pink and white striped seersucker fabric. After laying the pieces out I discovered that I would need to do the skirt with horizontal stripes because the fabric was not wide enough to accommodate the skirt panels. Not a huge deal. This lead to the decision to make the bodice a horizontal stripe to match the skirt and the waist pieces a vertical stripe to off-set the rest of the dress.

I started assembly at the top of the dress and worked down. Here I have the assembly of the straps and bodice of the dress.

Next came the waist panels:

Finally the skirt assembly. This is where it got tricky. The pink and orange seersucker was not see-thru but this seersucker was. You can see Evan thru the skirt. So I made a white muslin lining to sew in to help.

The zipper was next. It was a simple pink invisible zipper. I sewed it in place between the shell and lining fabrics.

Last was hemming the shell fabric. Easy peasy. I made sure when I was hemming the skirt lining to make it a tad shorter than I would be hemming the shell lining, to make sure that it didn’t stick out under the fabric.

Here it is!


2 thoughts on “Summer Sundress

    qplourde said:
    June 26, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    Ooooh I love it! I just bought some seersucker too in the hopes of making a summery dress. Hopefully I will get to it before the summer is done but somehow I doubt it :o) Great job, what pattern did you use?


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