Up-Cycle: Old Sweater to Little Man’s Vest

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I had been surfing Pinterest, like you do, and came across a pin from DanaMadeIt.com for a sweater to little man’s vest up-cycle that she had done. This inspiration goes hand in hand with my post a few weeks ago: Up-Cycle: Old Sweater to Little Girl’s Dress.

As you know, I have proudly been exercising regularly (6 days a week) since February. In that time, my arms have developed a great deal of definition that was previously not there. Which is great, but the downside is that I am finding that some of my favorite shirts don’t fit anymore!

So, finding myself with a few sweaters that just did not fit me anymore, I had a project for my future little ones. 

I was rather pleased just how quick this one went. The most time consuming part was hand finishing the binding at the arms and neck. Like the sweater dress, I started by turning the sweater inside out and then pinned the outline I wanted for the vest. I then sewed the sides and shoulders together. Next, I made bindings and attached them to the neck and arm holes, finishing them by hand.

I now have an adorable little vest to add to my future-kids’ clothing drawer.


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