And Now for Something Completely Different!

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This month’s challenge from The Monthly Stitch is totally different than the normal challenges, because the article in question this time around is to be Menswear &/or Childrenswear. Not a typical focus, as most (if not all) the participants are adult females.

I really wanted to make this adorable little girl’s winter coat, but as I don’t have any little girls as of current, I decided I couldn’t justify making a stunning wool coat just yet.

Baby clothes, however, are always good to have on hand, especially with my circle of acquaintances starting families. I have a good number of patterns for little kids clothes and am always looking for an excuse to make something adorable. I have a very special project in mind for when my husband and I start our own family, but for now I just have to sit on that project.

So for this month’s challenge I am making a pair of little boy’s overalls.

I have a very old pattern that I inherited that is perfect to quench my baby-clothes fever! I even had a blue linen fabric that it perfect for this project!

So, I set about cutting out the pieces. I went with a size medium, the biggest that the pattern offered. I chose the medium because patterns this small are done by weight and length and with my husband being a rather large baby at 9 pounds 2 oz and myself being a long baby at 21″, I wanted to be sure any future son of ours would fit in them. The medium is for weight 18-22 pounds and 26 1/2-28 inches long, so I figure that is a good size to grow in to.

I started by cutting the fabric out. It was only a few pieces – 6 in total – two front panels, two back panels, and two straps. Then six pieces of facing needed to be cut from iron-on interfacing. After those were traced, cut out and ironed on, the front and back panels were attached to each other, creating the two body pieces for the overalls.

Next, I sewed the front and back pieces together at the sides, making the body of the overalls. After sewing the body together, I hemmed the bottom edges and sewed a snap tape to the crotch closure.

After that, I made the straps and sewed them in place. I also ironed down the front facing and prepped the edge bindings. After making the binding, I pinned it into place. First, I sewed it in place with my machine, then finished it by hand.

Next came the side snaps. The directions said to put button holes in here, but I thought about ease of removal and figured snaps would be faster and easier to use when dressing and undressing a squirming toddler.

Last to do were the buttons and button holes for the shoulder straps. These were a piece of cake!

And there you have it! A completed set of overalls for Little Boy Blue 🙂


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