A Muslin for Number One

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If you catch the reference in the title of this post, bravo, may the nerd be with you.

If you did not, its okay. It was random and my humor is not always understood.

I have started a commission project for a friend of my husband’s who is a big Star Trek fan. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not exactly my area of expertise.

Luckily, my husband is a bit of a Star Trek nerd, so he has been translating for me – division colors, pips, ranks, etc.

After getting the required measurements, I went about making a muslin mock up to be sure that it would fit him.

Guess what? After all that hard work, IT FITS LIKE A GLOVE! And good thing too, the directions that came with the pattern are crap! I have re-written most of them to make sense; between the memes and unnecessary commentary and lack of helpful pictures of the assembly process, I have decided that they should hire me to write their directions for them.

Ah well, I look forward to making the final version, stay tuned for that!


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