Another Pinterest Project Continued

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If you read my post about up-cycling an old wine bottle (click here to read it) then you will remember that I was having a bit of trouble with the clear wine bottle.

After a lot of elbow grease and a number of cleaning agents, including but not limited to: hot water, dish soap, baking soda and vinegar, nail polish removed, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, and a LOT of scrubbing I was unable to get the stickium off the wine bottle. So I gave up and went out to get a bottle of GOO Gone. Only then was I finally able to get the stickium off the clear wine bottle!

After rinsing the bottle inside and out and allowing it to dry, I began painting. This process was different than the other bottle. This time, I was going to paint the inside of the bottle.

This way, I have to admit, was kind of fun. Squirt the paint into the bottle and then twist the bottle around so the paint dribbles and runs and covers the inside walls of the bottle. I have to admit, this probably used more paint than painting the outside would have, and the neck of the bottle was especially hard to coat, but the outside still have a smooth glass texture and I do not have to worry about the paint chipping off from too much handling. Though I will have to be careful what is put inside the bottle to prevent scratches on the inside. When I was done, I tipped the bottle upside-down so the excess paint could drip back into the paint bottle, harder than it sounds actually.


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