Easter Egg Garlands

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Today’s post is about the Easter Egg Garlands that I made for our front porch pine trees.

Growing up, my mom would always put out the holiday decorations and, no matter where we lived, the foundation of those decorations stayed pretty much the same for each holiday. My parents still have Christmas ornaments that are over 35 years old and I love it! 🙂

For Easter, when we were little, I remember my mom made Easter egg ornaments that we hung on the bush out front. We decorated some of them with puffy paints, some we didn’t. She hot glued ribbon loops to them so we could hang them on the bush. That is the inspiration for these garlands.

Only having 2 dozen plastic eggs to work with, I had to do a bit of math to get the spacing right. This, kids, is when your basic algebra comes in handy.

I measured out two strips of ribbon 3 yards in length. From there I determined how much space I would need between each egg on the 3 yard ribbon to space the eggs equally. Quick and dirty math told me each 2 inch egg would need to have 7 inches of ribbon in between to get the spacing right. After putting that into practice, I found that I used more ribbon to make the loops at the end than I thought so 5 inches between eggs was much better.

So off I went threading the eggs onto my skinny ribbon.

Then I strung them on to our front pine trees and TA DA!

Happy Easter Everyone!


One thought on “Easter Egg Garlands

    Amanda said:
    April 5, 2015 at 6:47 am

    Happy Easter!


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