Another Pinterest Project

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Earlier this month, I was trying to find a skinny vase, only to discover that we actually do not have a skinny vase in our house.

While perusing Pinterest, I came across this picture:

Since I was working on my St Paddy’s decor at the same time, the gold was just screaming out to me. Still having some gold paint left over from this project I thought what the heck.

I found two empty glass bottles. I soaked the bottles in hot water with dish soap. I then added baking soda and vinegar to speed the process along. After letting the soak for about 20 minutes, I scrubbed all the labels off of them, rinsed them out and left them dry in our drying rack.

The green bottle gave me no problems, the label came off without issue and I was able to start painting it once it was dry. The clear bottle however, the glue was powerful. It soaked over night and I still couldn’t get the stick-em off. Setting aside the clear bottle for further attention, I focused my creativity on the green bottle.

Having been inspired by the gold dipped look, I went that route with the green bottle.

Using a rubber band and some painters tape, I marked off where I wanted to gold dipping to end.

Then I started with the coats of gold paint. I only needed three in the end.

After carefully taking the tape and rubber band off:

After cleaning up the edges of the paint, it made a lovely addition to my March table.


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