Simple Valentines’s Day Garland

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It hit 45 degrees here this week, prompting me to take down the last of the holiday lights. Don’t worry, they hadn’t been on, just still up. They were white wrapped around our mini pine trees, so really, they were fine (or that what I kept telling myself to justify leaving them out into February).

After looking at the, now naked, little pine trees, I decided that they needed some holiday cheer. Up to my sewing room I went with an idea. I had cut 40 red and white fabric strips (20 of each) for another project that did not happen end up happening, so I decided to use them to make the two garlands for our little front porch pines.

I cut 2 strips of ribbon, each 2 1/2 yards long, and then tied the strips to it; alternating between white and red strips.

After doing one garland completely, I realized that the strips were too long and did not have the effect I was looking for. To remedy this, I cut the strips remaining for the second garland in half giving me 40 instead of the 20 I used for the first one.

I completed both garlands to my satisfaction and headed to the front porch to decorate the trees.

Stay tuned for more Valentine’s Projects in the coming weeks!


One thought on “Simple Valentines’s Day Garland

    […] I decorated the front porch trees with green and white garlands, made in the same fashion at the Valentine’s Day Garlands I whipped up last month. Next year, I will find something St. Paddy’s Day for the door. And a […]


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