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Not to long ago, Penn State played Rutgers in their first Big10 football match-up. It was one hell of a game.

We were having a few friends over to watch the game, alum from both schools, and I wanted to make a cute dessert because I love making cute desserts!

I came across a post on Pinterest by Stuff by Stace: Tailgate Truffles Tutorial

Stuff by Stace: Tailgate Truffles

How straight forward this seemed. How lovely her little truffles turned out. I have done something similar, I can totally do this!

So do this I did!

On my way home I stopped at Michaels to pick up blue, white, red, and black candy melts. Then swung by the grocery store to picked up a bag of Oreos and a block of cream cheese. Then I had at it.

My kitchen was a TOTAL MESS, but this is how they turned out:


I even used some of the left over chocolate to draw out the mascots and write out the schools and a few phrases. Because, yes, I am an over achiever like that.

Sadly, both the Penn State Lion and the Scarlet Knight broke when I was removing them from the table, though the Scarlet Knight was not in as obvious a spot as the lion, but really they turned out so lovely for a first try at anything like this! I also want to thank Google Images for a quick find of the mascots for me to trace. SO much better than trying to freehand it!

Of course, I decorated our buffet, and as my husband is a Penn State alum, that is the main theme of the decor.

In case you are curious, the thing on the right is a map of Penn State and Happy Valley PA.

So happy with how these turned out!


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