Halloween Crafts: Tomato Cage Ghosties

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Difficulty Level: Level 2/3 Project


  • tomato cage
  • bed sheet/white fabric
  • black fabric
  • 7″ Styrofoam/floral foam ball (white works best)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun/sewing needle and black thread
  • white outdoor twinkle lights (optional)
  • Velcro circles (optional)

– Stand the tomato cage upside down on a hard level surface (prongs in the air)


– Carefully press all the prongs into the ball to create the ghost’s frame, being sure not to press the prongs through the ball (I left as much of the plastic the ball came in on as possible to help protect the ball from the weather)

– Take the sheet/fabric and drape it over the frame to determine the size needed to cover it completely (tomato cages come in different sizes thus different size fabric squares will be needed)

– With the fabric over the frame determine where you want the eyes to sit, mark area with a pencil if you like

– Draw your desired eye shapes on the black fabric, using white chalk or soap helps the design show up on the black, and cut out the eyes

– The eyes can be attached either by hot gluing them directly to the fabric (and, in turn, the foam ball because the glue will bleed through the fabric) or by sewing them on either using a machine or by hand. This option prevents the fabric from adhering to the frame due to glue bleeding.

– If you are adding the white twinkle lights do that now. Be sure to stick the plug prongs out the back of your ghost frame so he can be plugged in without issue. The lights can be wrapped around the tomato cage frame, hung to dangle in the middle of the frame, or even just pilled in the middle of the frame base. Each has its advantages and disadvantages so play with it until you find a look that you like. I ended up liking the wrapped look *side note* you may need an extension cord to plug the ghost in when you place it outside

– Tack the edges of the fabric in place to be sure the wind doesn’t blow the sheet off. If you do not plan to reuse the tomato cage, go ahead and glue the fabric around the base ring. If you do plan to use the tomato cage for next season’s décor (as I do) use a few Velcro circles to keep the fabric on the frame.

– Place your completed ghost outside for all to see! *Yes I know mine are inside looking out window, but I don’t have the outdoor extension cord I need to put them out*


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