Completing a Wedding Guest Dress

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I have been working like a busy little bee to get this dress done. Sadly, a lot of that busyness has been because of the need to take out and redo, I guess that is the price of creating my own pattern and running it for the first time. (Yes, I know, I should have done a full muslin mock up and not just the brief bodice mock up that I did. I will be altering the drafted pattern pieces to reflect the final changes so I can make this dress again.)

One of the more challenging things on this dress was figuring out how exactly I was going to finish the back of the neck. In my original plans, I was going to have these lovely purple bubble buttons to close the back of the neck. After making loops and sewing the whole thing together and trying it on, I realized that I did not like the look at all! And on top of that it was not laying right. I took it all out and tried hook and eyes. That also looked terrible and was quickly removed.

I finally decided to just sew the back pieces together and forgo any clasp all together. My first attempt, while it was exactly what I was trying to do, did not fit correctly. I ripped that out and took the key hole in, making it more triangular (as you can see in the pictures above), and sewed the top points together at the neck. I sewed the purple bubble button in there to give the appearance that it could be opened.

I would also like to make known my dislike of invisible zippers. I love the idea of them, but am just no good at executing them. This dress I did put one in, again hoping that I had improved. While I had improved, I am still not as proficient as I think I should be. In my next party dress I am going to make the zipper an accent of the dress so I do not have to struggle with it again! I tell myself that a lot of my struggle is because I do not work with zippers all that often. Most of my sewing hours were logged making Renaissance garb, thus I can rock a grommet like no ones business, but as zippers were not terribly prevalent in 1600s Europe not much experience there.

All challenges aside, I can say that the dress is done and it is lovely. I look forward to wearing it to my cousin’s wedding this weekend.


This is how I ended up wearing the dress to my cousin’s wedding.



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