Wedding Guest Dress Continued

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After assembling the bodice, I began tweaking it to be sure that it would fit the way I needed it to. Note the chalk marks on the back shoulder straps; I had to fold them in because there was gapping. Also note the front neckline is pinned, a stay stitch needed to be put in place to hold the fabric flat. The back of the bodice needed to be folded into itself where the zipper will go due to too much overlap. The top back at the neck will have buttons and button loops added to hold it closed.

All of that being said, I am really happy with how the bodice has turned out thus far!

Next, I sewed on the skirt panel in place.

I will be adding the zipper next.

I also am having ideas of grandeur and making a crinoline skirt to wear between the lining and the dress fabric layers. This will be my first time making a crinoline skirt so we will see if I have the time so complete it before the wedding.


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