Bodice Progress

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I cut out the bodice from the underlining, interfacing, lining, and dress fabric. Attached the interfacing to the underlining and sewed the side seams together then added the boning to the underlining piece.

Next, I sewed together the lining and dress fabric in the same way, being sure to iron open all the seams.

The underlining bodice is attached to the dress fabric bodice, right side of the underlining to the wrong side of the dress fabric bodice, and then sewn together around the edges. Be sure to sew this stitch at less than 5/8 inch so it does not show on the final dress.

The lining is then pinned to the bodice, right sides together, and sewn at 5/8 inch, leaving the bottom open. Once bodices are all sewn together turn the bodice right side out and press. Be sure to turn the shoulder pieces right side out as well. Sew the front and back shoulders together, using a 5/8 inch seam. This can get a little tricky. Remember to leave the right and left shoulders separate in the back as buttons will be added later.


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