Drafting a Bodice

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I have been known to alter patterns to make them fit my own need, I have mixed and matched pattern pieces, this is not new for me; but this is the first time that I have drafted up my own pieces.

To quote Plato: Necessity is the mother of invention.

I had been mulling the silhouette of this dress over in my mind for a few days and finally had an epiphany. I wanted the full skirt and the fitted bodice, but what of straps? I have always liked the Edwardian-esk collars, so I decided that I would make my version of one.

I started with a bolero pattern, just the back piece and the front piece, and the pieces for the bodice. I started with the back piece. I cut out a muslin piece to work from. I drew out a small oval to start with (you can always cut a hole bigger, but never smaller) after the first cut I did end up making the hole a bit larger. I cut out the back and back side panels from the bodice pattern and sewed them together, ironing the seam flat. From there I pinned the pieces together to achieve the fit I wanted. Once that was done, I pinned the pieces to a piece of muslin to create a new back panel piece. I repeated the process for the front side panel of the bodice and the front panel of the bolero pattern. I added the grainline and boning notations on the new pattern pieces and ta da!

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