What to Wear to My Cousin’s October Wedding?

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My cousin is marrying his lovely fiancé in October, only a week after my own one year anniversary. I am very excited to see the two of them wed. They have been together, I believe, since middle school. If not officially together, then I know they have been friends at least that long.

That being said, I have been rolling around the idea of what to wear to their wedding for a while now. A big factor in this process for me was the time line of when my husband and I decided to start our own family. Would I be trying to hide the early stages of pregnancy from my family*, and thus not be wearing a tight fitting style dress? Or would I have lost a great amount of weight because I actually stuck to my exercise routine? (I fell off that wagon, again. Maybe some day I will actually stick to an exercising routine!)

So, knowing my body, and honoring it better this time than the last dress I made, I started thinking about skirts that would flatter my figure but still be functional. (Read as: I can still walk, sit, and dance.)  Knowing that this event will be a bit less formal than my own wedding, but still a traditional wedding, I want to be fashionable, but still keep a simple, classical look while flattering my figure and not out-dressing the event.

My solution, a Frankendress.

Okay, I know that doesn’t sound like any of the things I described above, but it will be. By taking into account my body shape, pear, I have concluded that the dress will have a full skirt about knee length, or slightly shorter, a fitted bodice with keyhole bolero style shoulders. It will be a beautiful plum color shantung fabric, possibly with a matching jacket.

So why call it a Frankendress? Because I am taking bits and pieces of other dresses that I have made and putting them together to suit my own vision. I am even going to be drafting some of the pieces myself A FIRST!  Hence the name Frankendress.

More updates, and pictures, to follow!

* Don’t judge me for wanting to hid my early stages of pregnancy. I am not one of those people who wants the whole world to know I am pregnant before my second trimester, and even then I would like to keep it to ourselves. Of course, this is all hypothetical as we are NOT currently trying to get pregnant. But in that situation, I do not want the whole family to find out AT MY COUSIN’S WEDDING. That day is for them, not the day to tell everyone that we are expecting.


One thought on “What to Wear to My Cousin’s October Wedding?

    Erin M. Klitzke said:
    September 7, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    There is NOTHING WRONG with wanting to hide evidence of a potential pregnancy if you’re at your cousin’s wedding. Period. You’re right–it would be a day for them and the last thing you want is to steal their thunder by being asked if you’re pregnant and either having to be truthful and say yes or lie and say no (if you are, in fact, pregnant by October).

    The only reason we knew before my sister-in-law was pregnant before the official start of her second trimester was because of Father’s Day and my mother’s birthday–Nat’s gift to her dad and my brother’s gift to my mom was telling them that they were going to be grandparents. She was at the very tail end of her first trimester (this was in June and my niece was born in early January) when we found out, and we were FORBIDDEN to say anything until July, so you are TOTALLY not the only person who would want to wait.

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