Little Girl’s Dress from Daddy’s Shirt

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If you are on Pinterest I am sure you have seen this adorable up-cycle:

I do not have a little girl yet but I love the idea of this project, and I have inherited a few of my husband’s old button downs and have been dying to do something with them.

Now, as I do not have a wee one’s dress to use as a pattern, I am pretty much winging it here.

Remember to BE CAREFUL when removing the pocket because you can put a hole in the shirt (like I did).

I drew out the silhouette of the dress then pinned on the inside of the line and cut along the lines I had drawn.

With right sides of the little dress together, pin the sides, remember to leave the openings for the arms and the neck.

After sewing up the edges I discovered that I had not made the arms wide enough.

My solution: made the dress sleeveless.

I dug thru my patterns and found the front piece to a toddlers bubble onesie.

I laid the pattern on the dress and traced the arm and should edges with my white fabric pencil. Then I cut along those lines.

To finish the neck and arm hole edges, I grabbed white single fold bias tape and ironed it open, then in half. I pinned this to the edges on the arms and neck – right sides together.

I sewed the bias tape on and then finished it by hand.

Now I have a very cute summer dress for my future little girl 🙂


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