Month: July 2014

Back to Basics: A Cross Stitch Continuation

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Here is a bit of progress that I have made on the L’dor V’dor cross stitch for our house. Enjoy.


Altering Pants – because you always wanted that one pair to fit better

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Hello all!

I recently did my first pant alteration, and it was much simpler than I thought!

First thing I did was put the pants on inside out and pinned the sides on the side seam so they would fit to my body.

Then I sewed what was essentially a dart on each side where I had pinned. Make sure that you have any waist band seems matched and that you stay on those side seams so the alterations look natural.

And that’s it! It really is that simple!

Looking to the future

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I have been working with Katy of Bowker House Photography on a project for a few months now and some of my fabric has finally arrived!

This is not all of the fabric mind you, but it is some and I am excited!

Stay tuned for sneak peeks and the eventual unveiling of our awesome project!

Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day everyone!

Get off your computer, grab a friend and head outside to enjoy this day!

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Thank you to all who serve and protect our country

God Bless America