Holiday Wreath

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After moving in to our new place, my husband commented that we needed something on our front door. (YAY! WE HAVE A FRONT DOOR!) With Independence Day right around the corner I thought (while wandering around JoAnn’s looking for something for a different project of course) that I would do an American flag-esk wreath for our door.  My JoAnn’s is going thru a total re-haul on the inside, so it has been fun with all the sales and clearance items while they are restocking. While there, I found an 18 inch wreath frame and red, white, and blue 5 inch mesh – which was on clearance 🙂

Having never made the type of wreath I had in mind, I played with the mesh in my sewing room (Yes, I have a sewing room now!) I’d like to say that I figured it our all on my own, but alas, I did not. I may have watched a few technical YouTube videos and then did my own thing from there.

This is how I made our wreath:


  • Wreath frame (mine is an 18 inch flat back wire frame)
  • Tape measure or measuring tape (I ended up pulling out my tape measure from my tool box)
  • Red, White, Blue mesh (mine was 5 inches by 30 feet)
  • Scissors

My wreath had 9 cross bars, denoting to me sections. Some quick math 9 divided by 4 = 2.25 So for my blue (which I wanted to be a quarter of the wreath) I would need to fill 2 and a quarter of the sections, leaving the remaining wreath for the red and white ‘stripes’. The American flag has 13 stripes, one for each of the original colonies, 7 red and 6 white (red on top and bottom of the flag).

I started by dividing 30 feet (the amount of mesh I had on each spool) by 7 stripes (the most stripes I needed to make of any one color) and got just over 4 feet per strip. I went with 4 feet. This is when I pulled out my tape measure and laid it our on my sewing table measuring our 4 feet of the red. From there I used the first strip as a guide to cut the other 12 strips (6 white and 6 more red).


I did the blue section first and ended up using all 30 feet of the mesh.

Here’s now I got the mesh on to the wreath frame:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

First Step: Lay the mesh strip under the frame and pull it over the inside wire.

Second Step: Knot the mesh around the inside wire.

Third Step: Twist the knot so a loop of the mesh can be pulled out between the inside and second wires.

Fourth Step: Keeping the loop between the inside and second wires, pull the mesh thru between the second and third wires, and again thru the third and outside wires.

Fifth Step: Take the mesh sticking out from the loops and twist it and bring it to the inside of the wreath and repeat steps 1, 3, & 4. When you run out of mesh knot the end to the outside wire (like in the second step).

With the 4 foot strip I was only able to do this twice with each stripe.

The finished product

TA DA! A lovely wreath to decorate our front door for Independence Day. I think I will also pull this out next Memorial Day as well.

Happy Crafting!


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