Back to Basics: Cross Stitching

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I have not done a cross stitch in years. My husband asked me to make one for our dinning room wall, or the parlor when we actually have a parlor.  The theme/pattern is the same as our challah cover. It’s a L’dor V’dor or Generation to Generation.

Prepping for such a large project like this, I did some doodling first. Below I have pictures of my prep works.

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Following the doodling, I measured out the desired size for the cross stitch cloth – 8″x10″ – (the penciled out area in the picture above) and then I counted out the squares within that space. From that, I transferred the measurements to my graph paper, which ended up being quite large to accommodate the size.

Transferring the original drawing to the large graph paper took a bit of time but I accomplished it!

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With the prep work done, I can start on the actual cross stitching project.

I will keep a running log of my progress so stay tuned.

Colored Floss
Colored Floss

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