Belt, Hem and Done?

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I went to work on the belt. A quick, straight forward project. I sewed the ends of the pieces together, ironed the seam open, sewed the edges together making a tube, turned the tube right side out, ironed the tube flat, threaded it through the button holes on the wings and then tacked the center back of the belt in place next to the zipper so it would not get lost and would hold straight when worn. I am debating tacking the edges of the back wings in place as well, but I will make that decision after I have it hemmed and have tried it on to see how everything lays.

After completing the belt, I tied it in. It was then that I noticed that I had made an error. When I lengthened the bodice I did not think to lengthen the sleeves. Thus the belt that weaves through the sleeves sits an inch too high on the dress. Also in addition to this, I am not a fan of how the dress has turned out over all.

Upon further consideration, I have decided to remove the wings and make a lace over lay to wear over the green sheath dress.

It is unknown at this time if these dress alterations will be done in time for my brother in law’s wedding. If they are not, I have a back up dress and will complete this dress for my cousin’s wedding in October. I would really like to wear it to my brother in law’s wedding so I am going to give it the ol’ college try – check back next week to see how it goes!


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