Now for the Wings

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One of the reasons that I picked this dress pattern is because of the sleeves. They look like butterfly wings. The pattern calls it the capelet, I call them wings.

Yesterday, I started with the continuous bias strip. It was trickier than I had thought it would be. Imagine, if you will, a Möbius strip. Now try cutting it. Okay not so hard, but when it is made out of flimsy fabric it is a little tricky.

First thing I had to do was to mark the dots. The ends are sewn together off center so marking the dots was very important. Next, I had to mark out all the lines from the pattern. As you can see from the picture I tried it a few times before finding a method that worked. That method was to measure all the way across the fabric using my measuring tape and using my basic math skills to determine the width of each strip. At 15 inches across and needing 6 strips, each strip needed to be 2.5 inches across. I use soap to mark the dots. Next I pinned and sewed the ends together as the pattern called for and flattened the seam. I then began to cut the strip. Because the ends are sewn together off center the strip ends up being super long.

Next, the sheer part of the wings. After cutting them out I added the reinforced button holes for the belt. Upon completion of that, I pinned the strip to the edges. Once pinned, I sewed the edging along the edges of the sheer wing. Once that was completed I began the tedious process of folding the edging over and hand sewing all along the edges finishing off the edging. I left the bit at the shoulders open because I wanted to sew the shoulder straps in to the sleeve to be sure that everything laid properly. I attached the wings by sewing the edging around each strap.

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Over all, this took a lot longer than anticipated, but it is coming together nicely. Just need to complete the belt and hem everything. I should even be done with time to take in my dress for the wedding!


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