Sizing up a skirt and other errors: Part 2

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I took apart almost the entire skirt to replace the damaged panel. But success! No more melted bit!


While I have everything apart I also shortened the bodice. Next, I attached the skirt lining to the inside bodice lining.

Yes, I know that the skirt lining doesn’t even come close to matching the fabric of the dress. When I ordered the fabric it appeared much closer in color. Dangers of ordering fabric online I guess. Honestly, to the naked eye it is not that bad (mostly because to the naked eye my dress is actually green). Anyway, no one is going to see it aside from me, and obviously all of you.

I then sewed in the hook and eye for the zipper.

So here we are, working on the length of the straps:

And that brings us to the sleeves. Check back next week for my adventures with the sleeves.


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