Sizing up a skirt and other errors

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As you read in my post last week, I had a bit of a miscalculation in the size of my skirt. I cut an 8 pattern, I should have cut the 8 bodice and the 10 skirt. Personally, that was hard to admit and accept, but to do right by my body and make myself look great and not suffer the embarrassment of splitting a seam trying to sit I had to size up the skirt pieces. I admit that I did not size up all the pieces, just the two panels in the back. The decision was part laziness part making sure the skirt still lined up properly in the front. So really, the skirt has been sized up to a 9 and not a proper ten. It is a little snug when I try to sit, but if I hike it just a tad I can sit without discomfort.

After reordering my fabric, for all three layers of the skirt, it arrived and I got down to business.

This part, while annoying due to the duplication of work, went relatively quickly and I made a great deal of progress! I was very happy that it was finally coming together (pun intended). I had sewn the bodice and skirt together and put in the zipper. I was ironing the dress to make the fabric lay flat over the zipper when it happened. I did what I have been warning throughout this project, I melted some of my fabric because the iron had gotten to hot. And of course it was not in a place that I could cover or hide. Nope. It was at the end of the zipper, right on my bum where it couldn’t hide.

There is some debate about whether or not it is as noticeable as I think it is. But it all comes down to, I am wearing this dress, I am wearing it in public, and am presenting it as my creation, I want to present my absolute best. Never mind that I know that boo-boo is there and the fear that someone is going to see it will drive me batty and make me self conscious the whole time! It must be redone.

So now for the pictures of the boo-boo:

And so, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. There was a brief glimmer of hope during the taking of these photos, but alas, no, it must be redone. And I have added hand tacking the fabric around the zipper to my To-Do list, hidden zipper my great-aunt Fanny!

Now, I just need to determine the least invasive way to accomplish this goal. Wish me luck I am running out of time!


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