Purim Decor

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Hello again!

Since we are hosting a Purim party (assuming more of our friends don’t move away before it – I’m lookin’ at you Finn!) I wanted to make some decorations.

You all remember the felt Hamentashen I made a while back, yes? (Well if not, check them our here: Hamentashen! Holiday Felt Foods for Play Time. ) I have found a use for them, other than hanging out in my flower vase.

Let me show you how I did this.

The Supplies

I tied the ends of the two boas together. I wanted a stripped look, yellow, purple, yellow, purple, so I pulled the two boas thru at the same time. The boas did not photograph well so to show you how I looped them thru the metal frame I used a piece of felt.

After weaving the boas thru the metal frame it looked like this:

I then laid out the Hamentashen to see how I wanted them placed:

Then I sewed the Hamentashen to each other and then looked the thread around the metal frame to ensure that they stayed on the wreath.

Super simple!


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