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Next up: A Rehearsal Dress

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In May, my brother in law is getting married. My husband has the honors of being the Best Man. I just get to be there. Which after my own wedding is a blessing, let me tell you. My mother in law and I have been discussing what we will be wearing to each event. Her dress for the wedding is STUNNING and the dress she is wearing to the rehearsal is the same one that she wore to my my first bridal shower. I feel what I am about to make is appropriate for the rehearsal, and will at least match her on the fancy level.

The color pallet is a minty/sagey silver green

It should be very lovely.




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Today, I made a mask for my upcoming photo shoot with Bowker House Photography in May.

This is my first time making a mask like this and I must say I am very happy with the results!

It was an all day project. Check out the process:

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Can’t wait for the shoot in May! Check back for the photos!

The story of my Purim Costume: Finishing work – Pearls and draping

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Hello all!

My last finishing task for my Queen Esther costume for this year’s Purim is my draping. I have a gold sheer fabric that will be draped around my shoulders and sewn onto the dress . I have been looking at this draping for a few weeks now trying to figure out how I am going to finish the raw edges of the fabric. Last night if came to me, I was going to sew string pearls along the edges. Now this may seem a bit crazy, but I have done it before. Remember the 18 feet of pearls for my wedding veil? (If not, check it out here Wedding Projects) Quick and dirty math tells me that this project is only half the size.

I sewed and sewed and sewed. I must admit having corners was a nice change from the 18 feet of rounded blusher and longer veil! I seems to be going much faster having those landmarks. It looks lovely.

Now for the attaching. First I pinned the gold and pearl draping onto the dress to make sure that I had it where I wanted it. Next, I sewed the drape on by hand. After that I attached the decorative buttons. Part of me thinks I should have used bigger pearls.

After sewing the back drapes into place about 2 inches off the zipper I held the dress up thinking it was complete. I was wrong. The draping was too heavy for the flimsy back to hold up. Back to the drawing board. I ripped it off and moved the back draping hold point to the back of the strap. This proved to be a much more solid hold point.

TA DA the dress is complete. Sorry no pictures of me in it yet. You will have to wait until May when I do a photo shoot with Bowker House Photography (Check them out here: Bowker House Photography)

The story of my Purim Costume: Finishing work – Hems and Seam Repairs

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Next on my finishing agenda, hems and seam repair! Every gown, every dress, every skirt, every pant leg, needs to be hemmed, and this dress is no exception. First, I tried on the dress to determine where I wanted to hem to fall. As it puddled around my feet I knew that I would be taking it up a few inches. I also wanted to be sure that I could walk without tripping over it, so I took that into account too. Because it is difficult to pin a hem when you are the one wearing the dress I took it off, put it on a hanger and hung it on my pantry door. I pinned and then put the dress on to make sure that the hem fell correctly. Then it is hand sewing to complete that hem.


Next on my list was fixing a hole in the bodice seam. This started as a bad fold, so I had to rip it out and re-sew it. Simple, straight forward. Done.

And last on today’s list is finishing the bodice lining. I hand sewed the lining to the inside hem of the bodice and contrasting fabric. This is something that I feel you should do. It is polishing, finishing work and it, in my opinion, is a sign of a more professional seamstress.

So close to the finish! Next, I sew on the draping!

The story of my Purim Costume: Finishing work – The Zipper

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If you saw my previous post Purim Finishing, then you know that I have a few things to finish up on my Queen Esther dress.

First up on the list is adding the zipper.

You will need a zipper and zipper foot. Your zipper will most likely come with directions like what you will see below, I tried to follow them. I really did. I got to step 3 and screwed up, not once, but twice. After ripping the zipper out I tossed the directions and did it my own way.

I know many of you are saying, how could she have so many issues with putting in a zipper? Well, truth be told, I do not have a lot of experience with zippers. Buttons, button holes, grommets, toggles, absolutely, just not zippers.

Not to shabby if I do say so myself.

Next on to fixing the hole in the bodice stitching, hemming the bodice lining and hemming the dress itself!

Purim Decor

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Hello again!

Since we are hosting a Purim party (assuming more of our friends don’t move away before it – I’m lookin’ at you Finn!) I wanted to make some decorations.

You all remember the felt Hamentashen I made a while back, yes? (Well if not, check them our here: Hamentashen! Holiday Felt Foods for Play Time. ) I have found a use for them, other than hanging out in my flower vase.

Let me show you how I did this.

The Supplies

I tied the ends of the two boas together. I wanted a stripped look, yellow, purple, yellow, purple, so I pulled the two boas thru at the same time. The boas did not photograph well so to show you how I looped them thru the metal frame I used a piece of felt.

After weaving the boas thru the metal frame it looked like this:

I then laid out the Hamentashen to see how I wanted them placed:

Then I sewed the Hamentashen to each other and then looked the thread around the metal frame to ensure that they stayed on the wreath.

Super simple!

Purim Finishing

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