The story of my Purim costume: Assembley

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Once the pieces were cut out the assembly went pretty quickly. I followed the directions, mostly.  Okay, they were more like guidelines for when I needed to peek. This was, luckily, a straight forward assembly.

I pinned all the pieces together (I mean ALL the pieces, bodice pieces, midriff pieces, skirt pieces – I am so happy I have that many pins).

I first sewed the top bodice pieces together:

Next, I pressed the seams of the lining open. If your outer fabric is a fabric you can iron, then press the seams open too. Mine is a crushed velvet, so I did not press the seams. Do not iron any type of velvet! Pressing the seams open makes them lay nicely when you are finished. 

Once the bodice pieces are sewn together to make the bodice and bodice lining, sew together the shoulder straps. Mine are of my contrasting fabric.

Be sure to clip the curves of the straps before turning them right side out. This will insure that the fabric lays correctly. Press the straps flat. Be sure to set the iron to the correct setting for each fabric. Take it from me, if set to high, you can accidentally melt your fabric.

Once the straps are done, I pinned them to the bodice, like you see below. After sewing them to the fabric I attached the lining and voila! Bodice top.

Next, I sewed the midriff pieces. Same process as the bodice. Remember to press all your seams.

I do not have any pictures of sewing the skirt together, I got excited and just kept plugging away. Here is the assembled dress. I still need to put in the zipper.

I have been playing with the draping of the cape and I think that I have it where I want to attach it.

Follow up with me to see the finished project!

Happy Sewing!



2 thoughts on “The story of my Purim costume: Assembley

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    June 13, 2014 at 10:18 am

    […] The story of my Purim costume: Assembley […]


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    July 24, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    […] Anyway, one almost warm early May day we, despite the threat of rain, drove west to Millbrook, NY to meet Tricia (aka The Exalted Tailor) and her husband Tim for our second collaborative photoshoot. Tricia sews, we take photos- that’s our thing. For this shoot, she’d made a rather lovely Queen Esther dress for Purim, which you can read more about on her blog here. […]


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