Month: October 2013

Thanksgiving Project

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As many of you may know by now, I am a bit of an insomniac. Or maybe unfortunately nocturnal. Some nights, I just cannot force my mind to quiet down to let me sleep. Tonight is one of those nights.

After crawling into bed at 8pm, convinced I was going to fall asleep standing up, I was still up at 11p, so I started roaming the apartment with an idea. A fixation that seemed, at the time, better than sleep.

What idea, you ask, could pull me from my cozy bed with my new, snuggly husband? Chair covers. More specifically, chair covers for those ugly folding chairs that we are going to be borrowing for our up coming Friendsgiving event next month.

After pulling out patterns and doodling up drafts the following projects emerged:

Project at Hand: Chair Covers

Seat covers 002

Initial Thoughts:  The directions are confusing, I’ll just make my own up (nothing can go wrong there!)

Pattern Used: McCall’s Home Decorating M4404

Fabric: Yet to be determined, but really liking the idea of a cream cotton blend. Neutral to go with any table cloth we use, and machine washable. I will need 2 yards, per chair, of 54″ durable, home decor fabric.

Seat covers 010

Notions: The pattern calls for 2 1/2 yards of 1/2 inch sew in cording. I think I am going to skip this part.

Secondary Project: Seat Cushion

Initial Thoughts: If we are having chair covers on half of our chairs, we should tie the other half in with something. Seat cushions for the hard wood chairs we have now would be nice 🙂

Pattern Used: Making my own

Fabric: Matching the cream cotton blend of the chair covers.

Seat covers 010

Notions: Four ties to attach the cushion to the chair back, as well as 1″ foam padding (20″ x 20″) for cushion filler.

Now, to get the hubby’s blessing on the project, then off I go! Maybe I will ask him in the morning 😉



It is actually a good thing that I did not make these because we ended up getting actual  chairs instead of the folding chairs, the folding chair covers never would have fit.


Quick Project

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Going into my second week of wedded bliss, I have to admit I am starting to feel the withdrawal from the lack of wedding planning – or anything else to do really. So, in true form, I started to determine what I could craft, and of course, I wanted it to be wedding related. 

Version 1.0

I started playing with making an ornament out of our wedding invitation. I am not sure if this is the final version yet, but it fulfilled my need to craft.

In addition to this, my mother is diligently drying rose petals from my bouquet and the decor using silicon for me to use in another ornament. I am sending her the ornament and look forward to seeing her progress when we go back for Christmas.

Wedding Projects

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At the time I write this post I am 134 days from my wedding date; but who’s counting, right? This article, assuming that everything goes correctly, will post October 5th somewhere in the middle of my nuptials. I must admit that I find this to be a cool feature 🙂

I lead off with the story of the making of my wedding veils … yeah I made two. The first was a birdcage veil. I was in love with the idea, so classic. I went so far as to make one. After making it, and wearing it around my apartment, I decided that I did not like having anything that close to my eyes. I thought maybe I would salvage it and wear it differently, hence the below picture …


… but once I found the dress that veil just didn’t work with the silhouette.

So I let my mother and MOH play dress up with me as their Barbie. We found a traditional style veil that I loved. Then I choked on the price (almost $200.00) for tulle and shiny beads!!

I am a crafty, crafty person, and when I saw what the bridal salon was charging for the veil, I decided to make my own.


The inspiration veil

I took a close look at how it was made and went to the pattern tower in my basement. I found Butterick pattern (B4487) with the veil base I was looking for:

After picking the design base (option B), buying the fabric (3 1/2 yds) of a nice ivory tulle, and several spools of string pearls I set to work. The veil pattern was HUGE, it took up almost all of my full size bed. This pattern has a blusher but I have already decided that I will not be wearing it over my face. It does add nice dimension to the draping of the veil. Making the tulle base of the veil was the easy part. Sewing it onto the hair comb was a little tricky, mostly because I was tired and kept flipping the comb the wrong way. But, by far, the most challenging part was sewing the 18 feet of stringed pearls to the circumference of the veil. It took over 7 hours to do. In the end it was worth not being able to see straight. It turned out beautifully.


I cannot wait to see how everything looks all put together on my wedding day 🙂


Pictures of my veil from my wedding day