Wedding Kippah: Part 3

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So my fiance, who has big poofy hair, tried on the kippah I made last week.  (See Wedding Kippah, Part 2 for the kippah)

It was smaller than he is use to. It ended up being 6 inches in diameter instead of the 9 inches that he prefers. I find that any other person would not have this issue, but this seems to be how my wedding has been going. (I mean who else has their mailbox knocked down and not replaced by the post office a week and a half before the RSVP due date?!)

I love him, SO I tried enlarging the pattern. So far this is not going well. I think somewhere I got the proportions off because the tip is pointed. After searching the web I cam across this website and I think there might be hope for pulling out this enlargement and not having to surender making my soon-to-be husband’s wedding kippah.

Wish me luck!


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