Fall is coming!

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Today, I found myself at the local Michaels. Why, you might ask? Well why not! I had been thinking about a project for Christmas for a while now and wanted to see if they had any large clear ornaments for said project. While there, the line was SUPER long! So instead of standing in it with over 20 other people, I wandered around the store getting familiar with the layout.

I picked up a 5 inch letter S, and thought our front door needs a wreath 🙂 I had been wanting to make a wreath for our new place since I found out we were getting a new place. So with S in hand I mosied on.

In my wandering, I found a grape vine wreath.  I priced out the medium wreath and compared it to  the foam rings of the same size. Grape vine wreath won out. So I put that into my basket and moved on, trying to visualize the new wreath.

With Labor Day almost upon us, and everyone preping to go back to school, and because it’s my favorite season, I started looking at fall-esk things. 2 orange silk gerber daisies grabbed my eye. I found some orange ribbon and headed for the registers.

Upon my arrival home, I set to work. The plain wooden S needed to somehow be attached to the wreath. I found a small eye hook and screwed it into the back of the S and used a twist tie to attach it to the wreath. I then clipped the daisies on. It took a few tries but I got it how I wanted it. Then came the ribbon. As this was how I was hanging the wreath from a hook on the inside of the door, I had to measure it out.

Final Product is SUPER CUTE!

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