Month: August 2013

Wedding Kippah: Part 3

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So my fiance, who has big poofy hair, tried on the kippah I made last week.  (See Wedding Kippah, Part 2 for the kippah)

It was smaller than he is use to. It ended up being 6 inches in diameter instead of the 9 inches that he prefers. I find that any other person would not have this issue, but this seems to be how my wedding has been going. (I mean who else has their mailbox knocked down and not replaced by the post office a week and a half before the RSVP due date?!)

I love him, SO I tried enlarging the pattern. So far this is not going well. I think somewhere I got the proportions off because the tip is pointed. After searching the web I cam across this website and I think there might be hope for pulling out this enlargement and not having to surender making my soon-to-be husband’s wedding kippah.

Wish me luck!


Pinterest Success

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A way to protect and display tassels!
Original Pinterest Inspiration

My original reason for heading into Michaels today was to pick up 8 ornaments to hang my  and my fiance’s graduation tassels in.

I found some interesting flat circle ornaments (imagine a spherical ornament has been flattened into a coin shape but is still 3D)

I bought 3 packs and headed home. Upon opening the pack, I came to discover that the opening was not large enough to accommodate the graduation year charms, so they had to go back.

I found 8 plastic ornaments of the correct size and returned home to try again. This time I was successful and very excited about the completion of this project!

Sorry I don’t have better pictures of the tassel ornaments on our tree. Next year!

Fall is coming!

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Today, I found myself at the local Michaels. Why, you might ask? Well why not! I had been thinking about a project for Christmas for a while now and wanted to see if they had any large clear ornaments for said project. While there, the line was SUPER long! So instead of standing in it with over 20 other people, I wandered around the store getting familiar with the layout.

I picked up a 5 inch letter S, and thought our front door needs a wreath 🙂 I had been wanting to make a wreath for our new place since I found out we were getting a new place. So with S in hand I mosied on.

In my wandering, I found a grape vine wreath.  I priced out the medium wreath and compared it to  the foam rings of the same size. Grape vine wreath won out. So I put that into my basket and moved on, trying to visualize the new wreath.

With Labor Day almost upon us, and everyone preping to go back to school, and because it’s my favorite season, I started looking at fall-esk things. 2 orange silk gerber daisies grabbed my eye. I found some orange ribbon and headed for the registers.

Upon my arrival home, I set to work. The plain wooden S needed to somehow be attached to the wreath. I found a small eye hook and screwed it into the back of the S and used a twist tie to attach it to the wreath. I then clipped the daisies on. It took a few tries but I got it how I wanted it. Then came the ribbon. As this was how I was hanging the wreath from a hook on the inside of the door, I had to measure it out.

Final Product is SUPER CUTE!

Blue Brocade in action

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Blue Brocade in action

Fiance rocked the blue brocade this past weekend 🙂

Wedding Kippah, Part 2

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Kippah started! Round One went well.

I would do the outer shell sewing differently next time, but Round One not too shabby 😉

Another Dress Up Cycle

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As many of you may remember, I have up cycled a cute dress into a blouse and bolero. I am at it again. This time I have taken a maxi dress and made it a mini dress and a skirt.

I love the top of this dress, and I liked that it covered my legs (I don’t like my legs). Now after owning the dress for over a year, and moving closer to the ocean, I have decided that I want to show off my legs. If nothing else, make the dress easier to get around in.

Original Dress:

Original Dress
Original Dress

What usually ended up happening when I wore the dress:

Hiked up so I could walk
Hiked up so I could walk

I found that I wasn’t wearing the dress because of its length. So, after doing a million other things preparing for my parents first visit to our first apartment I decided that today was the day to cut this dress up. Well here’s how it went:

Not too bad I’d say. I am also going to make the leftover bottom of the dress into a skirt. That project to come 🙂

Blue Brocade Update II

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After pulling an all nighter, for no reason other than I wasn’t tired, I got most of the vest done. There is a bit of hand sewing left with the lining at the shoulder seams, and the buttons and buttonholes, as well as attaching the waistband buckle, but that is it. I also created a pocket square, and finished the last minute hand work on the tie. This blue brocade set is almost ready for the wedding!

UPDATE: Note to those making a vest. When the fabric that you are using is a heavier fabric, like the brocade that I used here, be sure to buy enough to use it as the back as well. I used the liner like the pattern said to and was informed that because the front was much heavier the vest kept sliding down in the front.