Dress Refurb: DIY Top and Shrug

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I have a dress that I love and have had literally forever, okay about 10 years, but in fashion that’s practically forever. In my rush to get dressed for work this morning I threw it on, vaguely remembering that there were a few reasons that I don’t wear this dress to work anymore.

Reason number the first one: as I have gotten older I have healthily filled out, thus shortening the dress length to about 2 inches too short for me to feel comfortable wearing to work.

And Reason number the second one: when I bend over you can see clear down to my belly button if I don’t have anything on under it.

Because I love the top of the dress, I decided to cut it to make a top and use the leftover skirt bit to make a shrug.

The dressHere’s the dress, my outfit today

Yes, it is a cute dress, but when you no longer feel comfortable in something its time to change it or donate it. So, to keep my mind off my growing headache, I planned how I was going to alter my beloved dress.

Step One: I determined where I wanted to top to fall to, and added an inch for hem. I marked the seam with a pin, and took the dress off.

Step Two: Lay the dress out on a flat surface.

Dress referb 001

Step Three: Measure from the bottom to the pin, and determine how much you will be cutting off. I pinned all across the dress using the tape measure as my guide.

Dress referb 002

Step Four: Cut along your markers. Set the top aside to be hemmed later.

Dress referb 003

Making a shrug

Step Five:  Hem top edge so you have a tube.

Dress referb 004

Step Six: Measure arm holes. Mine are 6 inch openings, so I marked 6 inches in from both edges and pinned in between.

Dress referb 007 Dress referb 006

Step Seven: I then sewed the pinned sections together resulting in the picture below.

Dress referb 008

Finished shrug

Dress referb 013 Dress referb 014Dress referb 015

Finished Top

Dress referb 028

Ta Da! Not too bad for a quick dress alteration. This took me about 15 minutes to complete.



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