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Many years ago, I was given a sleeping mask as a gift. I had discovered in college, much to the chagrin of my mother, that I cannot sleep when a light is on. Anywhere. When I moved back home after college (yep, total boomerang kid here) I found sleep difficult with an east facing bedroom. My beloved sleeping mask moved from the Mid-West to New England with me. Now, as I prepare for a move down the Eastern Seaboard, my sleeping mask just doesn’t seem up to making the move. Today, after work, I cranked out a new one. In, literally, under 20 minutes.

Sleeping Mask

Bet that fabric looks familiar 😉 Yep, I used scraps I had lying around the apartment (much to the glee of my fiance, I’m sure, who doesn’t want my sewing stuff collection to grow any more until we have a house to put it in – and maybe not even then). Having made one now, there are a few things I would change about the base pattern shape, but the idea is sound. I used a cotton for the outside and one layer of fleece for the inside padding. It’s the same fleece that I use for pretty much everything because I seem to have an abundance of it for some reason. I used binding for the ties and as an accent to the edges. Yes, it looks rushed, but this was a trial run, and for that it is acceptable. I am always more critical of my own work than anyone else – and any good seamstress will tell you the same of their own work.

Regardless of its appearance, I am happy with it, and have had many nights of good sleep thanks to it 🙂


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