Steampunk Neo-Victorian

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With the Watch City Festival happening this weekend, I decided I should start posting my first attempts at Steampunk.

I think that my outfit at least came out more Neo Victorian than anything, having no idea what Steampunk was at the time I made the outfit. I also made my little top hat, probably my favorite piece of the whole outfit.

My fiance’s outfit is a refurbished Civil War reenactors coat that I added red piping to, along with random awards and merits etc. I made the medals myself (rather simple thing to do but they make a huge impact)

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Medal making materials:

  • Fancy Charm or Ornament
  • Gros Grain Ribbon (1 inch width)
  • Jewelery Ring (the kind you can pry open)
  • Button Back Pin (the kind with a flat side)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  1. Attach your charm/ornament to the jewelery ring
  2. Determine how log you want the charm to sit on the ribbon (ie the length of the ribbon) The ones I made were about an inch and a half, so I cut 3 inch strips for the medals
  3. String the ribbon thru the ring so the ring sits in the middle of the ribbon strip
  4. Sew or hot glue the edges of the ribbon so they overlap a quarter of an inch forming a ribbon loop that the ring and charm are now on.
  5. Fold the ribbon so that the seam is at the top, hot glue the ribbon seam to the pin backing. Allow to cool and dry.
  6. Ta Da! You have a self-made medal!

(Step by Step pictures of medal making to come)

Purim 2011 032


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